The adage “Saltwater heals everything” is well known when referring to beaches. If you’re seeking for the ideal beach getaway to recharge your batteries, there’s nothing better than spending the day in the serene paradise of Zanzibar Beaches. The top ten items to pack if you’re thinking about taking a vacation to Zanzibar’s beaches on your upcoming trip are listed below.

There are many small islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, as well as two large ones called Unguja and Pemba Island. This island has a lot to offer, from the fine sand beaches to the delectable cuisine, the culture and history, the classic bars, and the top-notch lodging. Zanzibar Beaches, which conjure up thoughts of picture-postcard beaches, swaying palm trees, and blue oceans, are ideal for a laid-back beach vacation when all you want to do is relax and rejuvenate your soul.

You can discover all the helpful information you require for your first trip to Zanzibar in this blog.
The best option if you don’t have much time is this one, which includes a packing list and other details. From our most recent journey to Zanzibar, we can offer you these first-hand observations. Thank you very much.

What to bring for a beach vacation to Zanzibar includes…..


Being a traditional nation, Zanzibar’s streets generally require acceptable attire, yet you can walk to the beaches in casual clothing. Going to the beach throughout the day and intending to spend your days near the shores of the beach barefoot on the sand. Pack some of your funky, printed t-shirts together with your most comfy shorts for the beach in order to get wet and have a blast.


A lot of peaceful beaches can be found on the island of Zanzibar, which is a little different from other beach destinations you might visit. Dress appropriately if you really want to enjoy the place, as Zanzibar’s culture places a lot of emphasis on clothing. While you can spend your days on the beach in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, your evening attire should be more relaxed yet elegant. When touring Zanzibar’s streets, wear outfits that are carefree, basic, and easy to maintain.

Advice: Be respectful to the culture and stay away from exposing clothes. Dresses that cover the women’s shoulders and knees should be worn.


Let Zanzibar be your next travel destination so you can experience some of the most enlightening times of your life. Let the waves touch your feet and the sand be your seat. The island offers the chance to explore both its sand beaches and its bustling downtown. You must be well-prepared for both events, therefore we advise bringing both a pair of sturdy shoes and a pair of bright flip-flops on your vacation to Zanzibar. The footwear you can use during the day or evening as you explore the market, streets, and other locations. Wearing sandals or shoes can make you feel awkward while walking in the sand, so save your shoes for the beach.

Advice: If you enjoy donning sandals, bring along some of your favourites to wear while exploring Zanzibar’s streets.


Zanzibar gets long, sunny days because it is one of the nations that is close to the equator. The beaches are nearly always bright, save for the period of time with high rains (March-April-May). So, if you’re travelling to the nation to enjoy some wonderful beach vacations, don’t forget to carry a hat and some sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the sun.


Want to enjoy your vacation in Zanzibar without scorching or severely harming your skin from the sun’s powerful UV rays? So don’t forget to bring a nice tube of sunscreen with at least 30+ SPF. Apply sunscreen liberally on exposed skin to prevent extreme tanning. Also, don’t forget to pack lip balm with SPF, which will protect your lips from sun damage.


It is advised to schedule a thorough health examination with your doctor before purchasing your Zanzibar Beach Holidays ticket. It’s a good idea to pack the necessary medications you need if you have an allergy or are undergoing a long-term therapy. Don’t fly to Tanzania with your first aid equipment, either.


Don’t forget to pack a waterproof bag for your trip to Zanzibar so that you can keep your belongings dry when travelling or while bringing any personal items to the beach. While you are enjoying the beach, it is possible for a camera, an extra set of clothes, or some of your other personal goods to get wet. Therefore, it is best to store these products in a waterproof bag so that even if you spill any water on it, it will remain dry.

|8|bringing an adapter for electronic devices on the road

Travellers from the US or other countries are likely to encounter one issue: Tanzania uses type D and type G power plugs and sockets, whereas their electrical devices require a lower voltage. 50 Hz and 230 V are the standard frequencies, respectively. Therefore, it is advised to bring adapters in order to manage the power as necessary so that your electrical devices can charge properly. Additionally, power banks are a reliable option for on-the-go device recharging.


When planning your trip to Zanzibar, consider how much you want to get away from the bustling city life. You made a decent decision, but we advise you to bring some earplugs if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet while listening to music or doing some meditation on the sand.


It is recommended to take a lightweight rain jacket if you are planning your Zanzibar Beach Holidays during the rainy season. It is best to take a rain jacket because Zanzibar’s rainy season is highly erratic and it could rain at any time.

Spend a few of your clumsiest days on the Zanzibar Beaches, go on a blue safari in Zanzibar, and learn about snorkelling, diving, spice tours, and other activities. Zanzibar Beach Holidays can transport you to an unexpected dreamland while reviving your senses. With @ Tanzania Tours, the greatest tour company in Tanzania, you can experience this serene region of the globe at its best.

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