The beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest mountain both in Tanzania and in all of Africa. the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. Many ardent adventurers include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro’s peak on their bucket lists. To ensure you have the best chances of reaching the peak, there are many Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes to research before you start planning your climb.

  • The Lemosho Route
  •  The Machame Route
  •  The Marangu Route
  •  The Northern Circuit Route
  •  The Rongai Route
  •  The Shira Route
  •  The Umbwe Route


  • The Lemosho Route offers a slower ascent of Kilimanjaro and is longer than the more well-known Machame Route.
  • Best suited to the explorer with prior trekking knowledge.
  • A good acclimatisation period is also provided by a steadier rise, helping to ward against altitude sickness.
  • 100% of climbers who used the Lemosho Route to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro were successful.
  • The Lemosho route can theoretically be hiked in eight days, which includes a summit day and the descent.
  • The majority of the Lemosho Route's rails are decently maintained and well-defined.
    However, some parts of the woodland are frequently dangerous, and in exceptionally rainy weather, moorland trails may be muddy.

The most popular way for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is called Machame; it is quicker and
harder than the Lemosho path, though it is not inherently more difficult. The routes are also
steeper and more taxing.

  • According to statistics for this path, 60% of hikers succeeded in reaching
    Kilimanjaro's elevation.
  • The Machame Route can be hiked in either six or seven days.
  • The picturesque Machame Route begins on Kilimanjaro's southwest flank, rounds Kibo on its southern side, and then travels the Southern Circuit by way of Barafu and Stella Point to reach Uhuru Peak.
  • Breathtaking beauty as you ascend through four distinct climatic zones. The Shira Plateau, the Lava Tower, and the Barranco Wall are all noteworthy, albeit the last is a difficult climb.

The Marangu Route is the only Kilimanjaro route that takes the same path up and down, which adds to the annoyance of those trying to ascend and descend in the same place. Because of its popularity, it is frequently referred to as the "Coca Cola" route.

  • A pleasant walking path with a very steady, gentle incline that is more frequently utilized by unprepared visitors than by serious trekkers.
  • Although the five-day Marangu route is supposedly easier, it has one of the lowest success rates of all the Kilimanjaro routes. The path also lacks the other routes' scenic appeal.

One of the newest Kilimanjaro routes up to this point is the Northern Circuit Route, which suggests a longer. The mountain can be circled for a more leisurely ascent.

  • This route is the longest Kilimanjaro Route on this list in terms of both time and distance travelled, taking around nine days to complete.
  • This moderate pace has one of the highest success rates of any Kilimanjaro path since it is excellent for acclimatisation and preventing altitude sickness.
  • The Northern Circuit, which circumnavigates the mountain via its peaceful, infrequently travelled northern slopes, features a variety of landscapes.
  • A less busy trail will allow you to better enjoy your ascent and the breathtaking vistas while giving you more time to acclimatise.


The northern Rongai Route offers a high success rate, a moderate and steady ascent, as well as the opportunity to observe wildlife in the forest and a reasonably "easy" climb. The only Kilimanjaro path that reaches the mountain from the north is the Rongai path. The path suddenly turns to the northeast and runs between Kibo and Mawenzi Peak.

  • You can view both sides of the mountain by taking this path, which ascends using Gilman's Point and then descends using the Marangu path.
  • Even in the later days of the climb, there are still pockets of nature, and the camp below Mawenzi Peak is regarded as one of the prettiest on the mountain.
  • Camping and mountain climbing are more suitable in the current weather. If you're hiking through Tanzania's rainier seasons, keep this in mind as a major benefit.

The Shira route ascends Mount Kilimanjaro similarly to the Machame way, with one significant exception: the first day catapults you into some substantial altitude, although it's not the most scenic alternative.

  • The journey can be finished in six days, but if you haven't been to Tanzania before or live at sea level, it would be good to do a longer version of the trek to properly acclimatise.
  • You can take in the serenity of the alpine views because the path is less travelled.
  • The best choice for this route to prevent altitude sickness is to include a night at Karanga Valley, close to the top.


The Umbwe Route, the hardest, steepest, and most exposed Kilimanjaro Route, is possibly also the most breathtaking in terms of scenery. However, because to the difficulty of the routes, this is only a choice for really experienced hikers.

  • It takes two days to complete the initial, strenuous ascent to the Barranco camp.
  • One of the reasons the Umbwe route has a lower success rate is because there is not enough time for acclimatisation. This is another element to take into account.

We praise the Machame and Lemosho as the best and most scenic ways to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, with the Lemosho being our personal favourite. Using the information above, you can decide which Kilimanjaro trekking adventure path is ideal. Contact @Tanzania Tours right away for more information on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


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