Machame Route

Machame Route

The Machame Route begins on Mount Kilimanjaro’s southern circle, which passes through ice fields before reaching the summit. Because it is more difficult and expensive than the Marangu route, locals and climbers refer to it as the Whisky route.

You can sleep at a lower elevation and spend more time in the mountains if you take the Machame Route. This will increase your opportunities for good acclimatisation, which will increase your chances of reaching the pinnacle of Africa’s roof successfully. The Machame path is more well-known among climbers of Mount Kilimanjaro because of its breathtaking scenery and extraordinary vistas.

Even though the route is quite congested, the Kilimanjaro Route’s scenery makes up for it. It also passes through the Barranco wall, the Lava Tower, and the Shira plateau.


The Machame path is the most well-liked route on Mount Kilimanjaro and draws many novice climbers to it. Beautiful scenery surrounds the mountain, providing an opportunity to enjoy all that Kilimanjaro has to offer.
When comparing the Machame route to other Kilimanjaro routes, the spectacular scenery, panoramic views from the top, and ice fields below the summit will influence your decision.

The primary attractions are the Shira plateau, Lava tower, and Barranco wall. You will feel comfortable staying on the Machame Route because it offers camp-based accommodations with all the amenities at the campgrounds.

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