Northern Circuit Route


The Northern Circuit Route, which is relatively new and takes nine days to complete, is the route you take to approach the formidable Kilimanjaro from the west. The ascent’s first three days combine with and follow the Lemosho Route. At Third Caves, where it crosses the Rongai Route, the trail swings north and follows the northern slope of the mountain itself. Ascend to School Hut, merge with the Marangu Route, and follow it to Gilman’s Point to reach the summit. You will use the Mweka trail to descend the mountain after reaching the summit. To go to and from the  mountain, you will have a private vehicle. Tented camps will be used for lodging on the mountain throughout this trip—a great adventure.

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Compared to the other courses, the Northern circuit is not particularly challenging. While rising, it is somewhat taxing. Both the Northern Circuit Route 8 Day and Northern Circuit Route 9 Day treks have longer itineraries. This will enable you to extend your acclimatisation day on Kilimanjaro beyond the days allotted for the normal route. You will be able to spend more time in the mountains and sleep at lower heights. Spending more time on the mountain will help you acclimatise to the greater elevation, and you’ll have a 90% to 95% chance of reaching the top of Uhuru.

8 days on the Northern Circuit vs. 9 days on the Northern Circuit

Your greatest option for selecting a longer itinerary for proper acclimatisation and a better success rate is the northern circuit route.

Route of the Northern circuit identical to the Lemosho route, 8 days long, beginning on the western side. It allows you to spend more time in the mountains and more time sleeping at lower elevations, giving you more time to acclimatise. Lack of acclimatisation may cause you to experience symptoms of altitude sickness, but you still have a 90% to 95% chance of succeeding in reaching the summit.

For your body to be able to acclimatise to the altitude conditions in the upper elevations, the Northern Circuit Route 9 Days allows you an extra couple of days for acclimatisation. The lengthier itinerary will enable you to reach the top of Uhuru Peak with the highest summit success rate of 95%+ when you climb Mount Kilimanjaro on the tenth day.


When compared to the other Kilimanjaro routes, the Northern Circuit Route offers a 90% to 95% summit success rate. Climbers will have more time to sleep in the lower elevations and spend more time on the mountains because of the longer schedule and longer days. As a result, you may easily climb the mountain and keep in shape. This will enable you to successfully reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and take in its stunning scenery.

In comparison to the other routes on Mount Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit Route has the best success rate. As a result, it is recommended by the majority of adventure climbers as well as those who want to spend more time in the mountains.

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