A lot of people desire to climb Kilimanjaro. There are a few ways to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. @ Tanzania Tours, we provide five of the top routes for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, also known as the “Roof of Africa,” to its summit.

Here, we’ve chosen two routes—the Marangu and Lemosho Routes—and compared every aspect of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro before making a decision based on the truth.

The Lemosho Route provides beautiful views of the Mt. Kilimanjaro highlands, valleys, and forests, whilst the Marangu Route is renowned as being the oldest route with hut accommodations.

You can pick the best path that is most suitable for you by comparing the Marangu and Lemosho Routes.


Route up Kilimanjaro through Marangu Route up Kilimanjaro through Marangu The sole way that leads directly to the summit and climbs steadily and gradually is the Marangu way, often known as the “Coca-cola” route. It reaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the southeast and is the only route that provides hut accommodations, which are residence-style accomodation. You will pass by Mandara Hut, Horombo Hut, and Kibo Huts while hiking.

When trekking over the Marangu Route, you must ascend and descend along the same path. It is a stunning path that travels through less difficult terrain and is a well-known “tourist route”.

An older path with stunning scenery and a wide variety of fauna is the Marangu path. Blue monkeys, colobus monkeys, hyenas, bush infants, and many rat species are all readily visible close to the hut.

The success rate at the peak is poor since most hikers start out unprepared and mistake it for the simplest path. Despite being the busiest route, there are no possibilities to “Climb high and Sleep low” on this route.

You should select the 6 Days Marangu Route between days 5 and 6 for better acclimatisation and to prevent altitude sickness for a successful summit. for the hut lodging and the mellow route to the peak.

Why Do You Take the Older Route?

 Despite having a low acclimatisation profile, the Marangu Route is the most popular because of its comfortable hut accommodations.

 The direct route has a moderate rise for a comfortable walk and leads to the peak.

 It is particularly helpful during the rainy season as it is the only route that offers hut accommodations.

 For photography, the Marangu Route offers the most breathtaking scenery.


 The quickest and most direct path to Uhuru Peak’s top.

 Hut lodgings that are comfortable.

 provides a beautiful perspective of the wildlife and plants of Kilimanjaro.

 most economical route


 Due to insufficient acclimatisation, the success rate is lower, at 65%.

major route

 The phrase “Climb high and sleep low” is not an option.


Lemosho Route descends via the Mweka path and approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the west. It is known as a longer path and links the Machame route close to the Shira Plateau. It is a more difficult and steeper variation of the traditional Shira path than the Marangu and Rongai Routes.

Lemosho route provides considerable time for acclimatisation as well as chances to “Climb high and Sleep low.” Consequently, this approach has a high success rate. The first several days require you to travel through a gorgeous, inaccessible rainforest filled with amazing fauna.

This path is renowned for being incredibly gorgeous, undeveloped, and far away. You will get the chance to take in the most breathtaking picturesque view of enormous wildlife in the thick forest. The breathtaking canyons on Mount Kilimanjaro’s western flank are unparalleled.

Along this walk, you may see impalas, buffaloes, and elephants. You will experience the breath-taking views at a great altitude while trekking close to the Shira Plateau, Lava Tower, and valleys.

It is advised to take 8 days because the Lemosho route is longer and requires more acclimatisation. In two packages, Jerry Tanzania Tours is available. Based on the days of the itineraries, the Lemosho Route is 7 days and the Lemosho Route is 8 days.

Why Did You Pick the Newest Route?

 Hikers are drawn to the peak by the scenic and pristine surroundings.

 best chance of success since it provides enough time for acclimatisation and quick recuperation.

 This path is distinctive because of the little traffic.

 The ideal path for wildlife photography since you can see animals like impala, buffalo, leopards, and hyenas.


 gives a better success percentage for the summit at the Uhuru peak of between 80 to 85%.

 For a quick recovery, an amazing “Climb high and sleep low” profile.

 better profile of acclimatisation.

 full of wildlife and beautiful natural scenery.


 longest itineraries are most expensive.

 The longer route needs at least 7 days to reach the peak.

 a long drive before the trip begins.

Best Kilimanjaro Climbing Route Best Kilimanjaro Climbing Route

When you compare the Marangu and Lemosho Routes, you can see that both are excellent for each of their respective purposes. While Lemosho path specialised in higher summit success, better acclimatisation with “climb high and sleep low” chance and full of the most breathtaking view of scenic views, Marangu Route specialised in indirect path to the top, giving the hut accommodations and full of scenic vistas. Choose the ideal option based on your preferences, degree of fitness, and summit success.

We trust that you now understand how to choose between the Marangu and Lemosho Routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

With the consideration of health, safety, and hygiene, we @ Tanzania Tours work hard to make your vacation comfortable and successful.

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