7 Days Lodge Safari in Tanzania

7 Days Lodge Safari in Tanzania

You will explore no less than five of the Northern Circuit’s natural attractions over the course of these seven days, which is guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime. Before heading west to the huge Tarangire: magnificent, diverse, and alive with wonderful animals, you’ll start with the less-frequented Arusha National Park, which you’ll explore on foot and in your car. The next stop is Lake Manyara National Park, where wildlife goes about its daily business on the beaches of the glistening lake and against the spectacular background of the Rift Valley escarpment. You will enjoy a full schedule of game-drives in the Serengeti, allowing you to see the spectacular and varied landscapes of this well-known location. The unmatched crater of Ngorongoro, another treasure of Tanzania, is where your expedition will come to an end as you search for black rhinos there.


Day 1: From the USA River to Kilimanjaro International Airport

Arusha National Park - Usa River - Usa River on Day 2

Day 3: Tarangire National Park - Usa River

Day 4 Lake Manyara National Park - Karatu - Tarangire

Using Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Day 5 Karatu To Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park on Day 6

Day 7 Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park

Ngorongoro Crater - Arusha Day 8


7-Day Lodge Safari in Tanzania

Lodge Safari


Transfer upon arrival and departure:

  • Kilimanjaro International Airport, TO/FROM
  • Transfer after one arrival
  • Transfer one departure
  • Travelling with Precious safaris

Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4 Custom-built

Seat belts, operable sliding windows, a pop-up roof, sturdy wheels, and an additional fuel tank. refrigerator for chilly beverages, Binoculars, one eco-friendly garbage bag per couple. Power outlets For charging smartphones and cameras, use a Type G plug.

Trip Crew for Precious safaris:

English-speaking, professional driver’s guidance. A warm, knowledgeable, and passionate driver guide with knowledge of a wide range of topics, including flora and fauna, Tanzanian culture, and the natural history of the country.

  • courtesy of Precious safaris
  • A Unique Safari Basket
  • throughout the journey, bottled water and soft drinks in the car
  • Thermos with hot tea or coffee for the game drive in the automobile


  • 5 nights on safari, 2 nights in the Usa River
  • Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge during the first nightBreakfast in bed
  • Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge during the second nightDinner, breakfast, and a picnic lunch box are included.
  • Nyikani Tarangire Camp, third nightDinner, breakfast, and a picnic lunch box are included.
  • Tloma Lodge on the fourth nightDinner, breakfast, and a picnic lunch box are included.
  • Sound of Silence, the fifth nightDinner, breakfast, and a picnic lunch box are included.
  • Sound of Silence, the sixth nightDinner, breakfast, and a picnic lunch box are included.
  • Ngorongoro Lion’s Paw Camp on the seventh nightDinner, breakfast, and a picnic lunch box are included.
  • Park Admission Fee:
  • Arusha National Park entry charge
  • Tarangire National Park entrance charge
  • Lake Manyara National Park entrance charge
  • Serengeti National Park entrance charge
  • Ngorongoro Crater park entrance charge



Tipping is obviously optional, but it’s an anticipated aspect of doing business in Tanzania. It enables you to express your gratitude to those who, hopefully, helped to make your trip unique and counts as a way for you to give back to them. The custom of tipping varies greatly between cultures, but it is highly valued in Tanzania and is greatly valued by the recipient. We welcome guests from all around the world. We recognise that leaving a tip can be a little awkward, so we would advise that each pair place their tip in an envelope and offer the envelopes to the service member as a means of removing any potential embarrassment. 

As a general rule, you ought to think about tipping at the following amounts:

  • $30 a day, per couple, for a driver’s guide.

Please use the ‘Tip Box’, which you should be able to find at the reception of your accommodation, rather than tipping specific hotel, lodge, or tent staff members. As a general rule, you should estimate tipping $5 to $7 per day, per visitor, at each lodging.

Any alterations you’ve made:

  • The trip does not include any modifications you make to the original itinerary before, during, or after the safari.

Arusha Post-Night Accommodations:

This tour concludes in Arusha at 17:00 hours; to leave the following day, you must have a reservation for a domestic flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport that departs at 07:10 hours and onwards or an international flight that departs at 06:40 hours and onwards. As a result, you will need to reserve lodging for an additional night (which is not included in the tour fee), then leave the following day. For more information, please contact us.

Nota bene: Check-out from the hotel is at 10:00 a.m. If you must check out later than expected due to an evening flight, you can pay to prolong your hotel stay (day room use) until 18:00 hours.

Travel Protection

  • The cost of the vacation does not include necessary travel insurance.
  • Alcohol at the lodges or tent camps: At the lodges and tented camps, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included.
  • Cleaning Services: While on your safari, if you need to wash your clothes, you will need to pay the amount that the lodging charges according to their rate sheet.

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