Ilkiding’a Cultural Tourism

Ilkiding’a Cultural Tour

Cultural Tour Program in Arusha
There are more than 120 tribes in Tanzania. Tanzanians are welcoming, friendly, and the most approachable people with diverse and unique cultures. Here at Precious Safaris, organizing a cultural tour program in one of the Maasai villages in Arusha.
Visit Ilkiding’a village and meet the residents born and raised in the area. Through the local guides, you will learn about the tradition and culture of the Waarusha people.

What does Ilkiding’a Cultural tourism offer?
● A warm welcome in a local household, traditionally built.
● A visit to Ilkiding’a Primary School – you can bring some gifts
● Hike to a view into the culture of the Wa-Arusha people.
● Visit a boma and get an idea of how Maasai live together with cows in the same house.
● Visits craftsman and a traditional healer.
● Visits the blacksmith (knife makers) to learn how to make the Maasai knives.
● Walk through the farms where people produce crops such as Coffee, Bananas, Vegetables etc.
● You will take a rest at impressive viewpoints overlooking Arusha town.
● You will enjoy a traditional lunch prepared by the women in the village.
● Walk along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon, Ngarenaro River, and climbing small hills.
● A performance from the Maasai Cultural Dancing Group
● Visit Orpul, where you will witness how Masai slaughters goats. Participate in the preparations, eat and drink soup mixed with traditional medicines.
Our driver will collect you from your hotel and drive to Ilkiding’a village, 5km from Arusha town. On arrival, you will get an orientation about the program from the project coordinator before a tour start. After a traditional meal, we drive to your hotel or Airport for your flight back home.

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